You Can Change Your Mindset – The Joy of Winning

I’ve always been afraid of losing. For as long as I can remember it’s been the mindset that I’ve approached every competition. “Whatever you do, don’t lose. Don’t make a mistake. People expect you to win, to always be right.”

What I’ve learned from many of the athletes I’ve worked with through Athlete Originals is that athletes who are competing and winning on the world stage. Athletes who are bringing home world championships…are motivated by the joy of winning…and the spirit of competition. It’s a different mindset.

Losses are a part of competition. The losses don’t define your success. The world- class athlete has a growth mindset. They realize that they won’t always win. That there will be set backs. And from those set backs there is learning. The learning takes effort…the effort leads to improvement. They embrace that learning…embrace the spirit of competition.

And what motivates them is the joy of winning. They can’t wait to have the feeling of victory. They visualize it. They dream about it.

The irony of being afraid to lose…this fixed mindset… is that it often undermined my winning…it lead to me coming up short. It allowed me to be good but not the great. With the fixed mindset comes great anxiety…because your self-talk tells you that whatever you do … don’t lose…don’t be wrong. This anxiety leads to self doubt, loss of focus, indecision, lack of clarity of purpose and mission. It prevents you from being your best.

Being great requires that you push yourself beyond what’s comfortable. Beyond those places where you are safe…into those positions where you might lose….where you might be wrong…here in lies the learning…the effort leads to improvement. A growth mindset.

This excerpt from Carol Dweck’s book called Mindset, helped me get really clear on the difference…

”Okay, now imagine you’ve decided to learn a new language and you’ve signed up for a class. A few sessions into the course, the instructor calls you to the front of the room and starts throwing questions at you one after another. Put yourself in a fixed mindset. Your ability is on the line. Can you feel everyone’s eyes on you? Can you see the instructor’s face evaluating you? Feel the tension, feel your ego bristle and waver? What else are you thinking and feeling? Now put yourself in the growth mindset. You’re a novice – that’s why you’re here. You’re here to learn. The teacher is a resource for learning. Feel the tension leave you; feel your mind open up. The fixed mindset makes you concerned about how you ‘ll be judged. The growth mindset makes you concerned with improving. The message is: You can change your mindset.”

Today, I’m choosing to change my mindset. To get motivated by the joy of winning. Embracing the spirit of competition. To be concerned with improving. Growth mindset.

I’m blessed to work daily with so many athletes as role models who embody the growth mindset. Egan Inoue, William Trubridge, Craig Alexander, CB Dollaway, Rennie Curran, Jason Belmonte, Ryan Martin…the list goes on.

Some of the best and most interesting athletes in the world who are using the Athlete Originals platform…taking their world championship, growth mindset that’s lead them to tremendous success in their respective sports…and applying it to their businesses, growing their brands…developing their clothing lines.

Author Description

An entrepreneur and sports businessman from Hawaii, Chris Dey created Athlete Originals, which launched in September 2013. The company embodies his professional life's purpose which is to provide platforms where athletes from around the world can be showcased and celebrated. His career in the sports industry has aligned with this purpose and allowed him to work with some of the world's best and most interesting athletes for more than 25 years.