When it comes to scoring fights, it’s best to believe the media

Watch enough boxing and it’s nearly a certainty.

Almost every weekend and surely a few times each month, the most frequent word in morning-after content on social media is “robbery” – pertaining to yet another perceived judging disaster.

Sometimes it’s not warranted. Often, though, it is.

But while the knee-jerk reaction is anger, each time it occurs it provides another flashpoint to revolution… provided the angst is channeled toward something beyond compiling re-tweets.

For the record, I believe most judges on all levels are excellent. They know their craft. They pay careful attention. And there’s not a hint of impropriety in the way they do things.

They watch what we all watch. Their views from ringside aren’t obstructed. And I’ve yet to notice a highball glass in any fight photo I’ve seen. But some of them just get it wrong.

And in this case, that’s enough.

Because after all these cases, and in spite of quality cohorts, that’s got to be enough.

It rarely takes more than a few months to log enough suspect calls to keep Congress busy with investigation from now until the rapture. But whether it’s collectively bad verdicts or singularly awful scores that render clear-cut nods as mere majorities or splits, the outlying totals only seem to make column or Twitter grist until the next cool cat video arrives.

At that point, both the furor and the results it could prompt are gone.

But it can’t be allowed to get away that quickly anymore.

pacquiao-horn-fight (9)

If a loosely run sport can’t get its act together in advance of the biggest live gates of the year and the largest- and second-largest pay-per-view audiences on the calendar, well, chances are there won’t be too many more opportunities to get it together afterward.

Hardcore fans are sick of it. Casual fans are turned off by it.

And the executive wing ought to be terrified about it.

That’s precisely why a crusading media needs to take the responsibility out of inept hands, and take it into its own – by pushing to make writers the official scoring authorities for all world title fights.

Thirty-six of 40 media members polled after the recent Pacquiao-Horn fight had…

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