Talking Boxing With Rosie Perez on 45th & 9th in NYC

Walking through New York City on Wednesday and just happened to meet up with Rosie Perez on 45th & 9th as she was waiting for a cab. Rosie and Ryan MartinNow I had never met Rosie, but I felt like I knew Rosie…at least well enough to say hi. Because we have a common friend in Ryan ‘Blue Chip‘ Martin. Rosie is a big boxing fan and she’s been at a couple of Ryan’s fights since he turned pro last year. Now for those of you who don’t know Ryan yet…he’s special. It’s always fun to draw comparisons to past greats, but perhaps in Ryan’s case it’s best to just let him ‘tell his own story’ … one fight at a time

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Ryan “Blue Chip” Martin was born February 26th, 1993. He’s an undefeated lightweight professional boxer. Prior to turning pro last year, Ryan compiled over 200 amateur bouts and 12 National Championships. He’s been an elite team member of USA Boxing and is regarded as the most successful amateur boxer to ever come out of Tennessee.

When he turned pro in 2013, he signed an exclusive multi-year promotional deal with famed rap mogul Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. His professional debut was in September 2013, when he scored a second round TKO victory. “At only 20 years old Ryan shows the dedication and determination to land him on the top,” commented 50 Cent.

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The Blue Chip Boxer is one of the few professional athletes from around the world to be signed with 50 Cent. He now resides in Cleveland where he serves under the tutelage of boxing trainer Joe Delguyd and where Tim VanNewhouse manages him.

It was fun meeting Rosie…and she lit up when I told her about our mutual friend Ryan Martin…like I said she’s a big boxing fan. And Ryan, she said she’d send you her new address so we can send over some of the new Blue Chip Boxer designs you created. For those of you who haven’t already seen the designs here’s a quick look: View The Blue Chip Boxer’s Shop

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