Rock Life by Jessica Schultz – Olympic Curler

My name is Jessica Schultz…I am Rock Life…This is my story…Have you ever jumped into a decision without thinking and found the outcome better then anything you could have ever imagined? That’s what happened when I decided to move from my home in Anchorage, Alaska to an unfamiliar Duluth, Minnesota. The goal was to continue curling and everything else would fall into place. Throwing ROCKs became a norm and before I knew it I was walking in the Opening Ceremonies at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

My family started curling together when I was in junior high. Once I had a taste of competition and the unique world of curling I was hooked. Through the unplanned move, countless practices, and competitions around the world, my family has been a solid support system. So, when the family became riddled with inexplicable, devastating deaths it was extremely difficult to not be with them in Alaska. I was one step away from moving home. This was a real eye opener to just how short and precious life really is. I realized I wouldn’t be much help, or able to change anything if I moved home, so I took the heartache and focused it on the ice.

LIFE is a gift that can be taken from us at any moment. Live and be in every moment. With this revelation, I focused my moments to training with a goal of making it back to the Olympics in 2014. Winning the Olympic Trials and competing in Sochi, with some of my family in the stands, was a dream come true.

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My clothing brand, RockLife, flew off the ground in December 2013 just prior to the Olympics. My goal for RockLife is to provoke thought in how you live your life. Are you enjoying the moments? Reaching for your dreams? On top of that, I hope that it promotes the sport I fell in love with so long ago. Curling is addicting, once you grasp the concept and actually try it. It’s harder then it looks. Curling has opened a lot of doors for me, including traveling the world and meeting some pretty amazing people.

So far I’ve created three primary designs which are all available in multiple colors, styles and sizes for men, women and children…and babies. The original including a curling rock with mountains filling the middle. Combining curling with the metaphor of climbing mountains. The original stemmed from the mountains I climbed to win the Olympic Trials with my team in 2013. Climbing through family loss, tough training schedules while maintaining a full time job, and overcoming a disappointing 6th place finish at Nationals in 2012.

In the second design, I went with a cleaner image of the Curling ‘house’. The bulls eye as so many ‘curling fans’ who watch during the Olympics like to call it. But the idea of either a target i.e. a goal..or our ‘house’…a place that’s our own and worth protecting…can resonate through the design. But also let’s face it the design just screams CURLING..and I love it. I thought it would be fun to add various country flags on top of the button (center of the ‘bulls eye’).

The latest addition of the Get Some Stones shirts have really zip lined into the forefront of my most popular shirts. The expression is a fun play on words that’s challenging all of us to ‘step up…be bold…courageous in your life…to take some risks.’ Because, life and curling is all about taking risks.

Rock Life originalRock Life houseGet Some StonesRock Life hoodie

Thank you for taking the time to check out RockLife. You can visit my shop by following this link: Shop Rock Life

Feel free to contact me via Twitter @Jess_Curls or email for questions or more information!

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An entrepreneur and sports businessman from Hawaii, Chris Dey created Athlete Originals, which launched in September 2013. The company embodies his professional life's purpose which is to provide platforms where athletes from around the world can be showcased and celebrated. His career in the sports industry has aligned with this purpose and allowed him to work with some of the world's best and most interesting athletes for more than 25 years.