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So my mom is 74 years old.. she has a new iPhone 6…she’s been to 2 classes at the Apple Store to learn how to use it. She’s on Facebook and she’s been watching her tv programs on Hulu for years. Oh and now she loves getting her news thru Twitter. She doesn’t post to Twitter and I’m admittedly worried about the possibility of my old prom pictures showing up someday if she decides to test it out.

Throughout my professional career she’s always been supportive. She attended the Hula Bowl game in 1994 when we flipped the format back to Hawaii vs College All Stars which resulted in the most well attended game in over a decade. She attended the first XTERRA Offroad Triathlon World Championship…when it was actually called AquaTerra in 1996. She’s attended games for the Hawaii Tsunami pro soccer team, Hawaiian Islanders Arena Football team and of course the New York Islanders when I was the executive in charge of those clubs. I don’t think she was at the Smash The Record game in 1988 at the University of Virginia when our soccer promotion set an ACC attendance record..but she might have been. She’s been supportive. Interested. Enthusiastic.

But her interest with Athlete Originals is at an entirely different level. I’m getting her support…but I’m also getting marketing ideas. Mom Marketing.

I’m figuring that my mom has probably logged pretty close to 10,000 hours shopping so she definitely has a certain level of expertise when it comes to shopping. And she loves online shopping.

So last month she calls and says..”I think you should start running Holiday discounts..I’m getting a lot of offers in the mail from companies and they’re already offering Holiday discounts.” Then a couple weeks ago she says, “I think you need to tell the stories about the athletes. So that the customers know what the story is behind their designs. It will help make a connection between the person wearing the shirt and the athlete..then when people ask about the shirt design the person will have a story to tell about it.” Last week I asked her what was better a discount on your purchase or Free Shipping… she said, “Free Shipping.” I said so you think I should offer Free Shipping AND Free Returns?! She said, “yep.” AO-BlogAd2

So needless to say, I’ve taken my mom’s marketing advice…with all of that experience she must know what she’s talking about…

You’ll notice a link on the blog for Athlete Stories. I’ll continue to add more each week so you can get to know the athletes better and learn about their story and some of the significance behind their designs. It’s part of what makes Athlete Originals unique…original designs by the athletes for the fans. And my mom loves to give me feedback on each story..she follows the links on her Twitter account.

You can also choose between two discount codes to use during the Holidays: Friend10 to receive 10% off your purchase or FREESHIPPING… to receive Free Shipping … worldwide. . Whichever code you are using..simply enter it into the Discount Code box at checkout.

For what it’s worth..I’m open to any other Mom Marketing ideas that you might want to pass along to help improve the business and achieve the goal of 100% Customer Satisfaction. In the meantime, I give all the credit to the current promotions to my mom.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

To shop some of my mom’s favorite designs just follow this quick link: Shop Most Popular Designs


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An entrepreneur and sports businessman from Hawaii, Chris Dey created Athlete Originals, which launched in September 2013. The company embodies his professional life's purpose which is to provide platforms where athletes from around the world can be showcased and celebrated. His career in the sports industry has aligned with this purpose and allowed him to work with some of the world's best and most interesting athletes for more than 25 years.