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Well the NHL hockey season got off to a great start this week…and I was really fortunate to be at Opening Night for the New York Islanders. The last Islanders Home Opener to be played at Nassau Coliseum. After more than 40 years of calling Nassau Coliseum home, the Islanders will be moving to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn next season. This combined with high expectations for the season made the atmosphere at the Coli electric and the team fed off the crowd on their way to a 4-3 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes.


On Monday, I met with Islanders forward, Kyle Okposo for lunch at Food For Thought in Garden City to work on the continued development of his KO21 clothing line. I’ve known Kyle since he was 18 years old. We first met on Draft Day 2006 in Vancouver when the Islanders drafted him with the #7 over all pick. So helping him develop his KO21 brand and clothing line has been rewarding to me both personally and professionally. For those who really know Kyle…you can see that his KO21 designs truly reflect who he is as a person.

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As Kyle put it when he was working with the designers, “Those who know me understand that my KO21 brand and designs need to represent a few inherent personality traits. First, my reflective nature. I’m thoughtful, and value my time alone for self reflection. Assessing my life, my goals both personally and professionally. Secondly, I’m driven. I’m willing to find out and commit to, what I need to do in order to become the very best person and athlete that I’m capable of being. And finally, I’m strong.. physically, mentally and emotionally. I use my strength to rise up to the challenges I face.”

Kyle created the KO21 designs in April. And now you’ll find a find a full clothing line with styles for men, women, children and infants in his shop including his recently released KO21 hoodies. You can preview his shop here: Shop KO21

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And for fans on Long Island, Kyle is scheduling an appearance at the Islanders Team Store to unveil his KO21 line. So keep your eyes peeled for an announcement from Kyle and the Islanders as to the exact date.

Special thanks to the New York Islanders along with photo credits for Mike Strobe and Bruce Bennett

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