Life Lesson from Brandon Bostick

So everyone once in a while a real life lesson becomes visible on a national stage. That happened this week and I had a connection.

On the eve of the Super Bowl.. A Super Bowl that the Green Bay Packers could have been in..were it not for a remarkable comeback by the Seattle Seahawks…. I was afforded an opportunity to talk to my children about integrity, about character and about overcoming adversity.

Brandon Bostick, tight end of the Packers, is one of the many athletes I’ve been blessed to work with at Athlete Originals. Early this season we launched his clothing line #BOOM.

Boom HoodieBoom green

During last week’s NFC Championship game, with the outcome of the game hanging in the balance, Brandon was involved in a play that turned in favor of the Seahawks. The play gave the Seahawks an opportunity to take the lead with time winding down. On a Seahawk’s on-side kick, Brandon made a mistake.. A bad play.. It happens many times throughout any game.. But in situations like this the mistakes are amplified.

After the game, instead of ducking the media, Brandon faced the tough questions head on. He acknowledged his mistake.

Then again yesterday on ESPN’s show His & Hers, Brandon talked about the play.. But more importantly than talking about the play (again) and his mistake, he showed us what a strong individual he is. He showed us what character is.. He ‘put a face’ on integrity… And what it means to always do the right thing..even when the right thing is the hardest thing to do. He also demonstrated incredible.. Real world perspective… Thanks in part to a text from a sick friend.

He gave me an incredible teaching moment for my children. We re-watched his interviews together and talked about how you handle yourself when you do make a mistake.

I can only think that Brandon’s family must be incredibly proud him… Because for them it’s not what he does but who he is that they love.

I encourage you to watch this interview and see if it can’t be a teaching moment for you.

I’m glad that Athlete Originals is part of Brandon’s business team.. And I’m grateful that he provided me with this teaching moment for my children.

For those of you interested in taking a look at Brandon’s BOOM Bostick shop please just follow this link: Shop BOOM Bostick

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