Hold Your Breath! This is really deep.

We’ve all tried it…maybe it’s been a few several years…maybe as a child with friends in the pool or ocean. How long can you hold your breath? Try it now…about 60 seconds for me…seemed longer.

As a world class Freediver, William Trubridge can hold his breath for about 8 minutes…underwater…and descend to depths that seem unimaginable. He’s currently a double world record holder in a particular discipline of Freediving that doesn’t allow for any assistance…no fins, no propulsion. William set the record by reaching a depth of 331 ft (101 meters) at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas on one breath…go up to the 36th floor of the Empire State building..and look down..that’s how deep…oh..and then you have to come back up..on one breath. Here’s a great segment on CBS’s 60 Minutes about William and the sport of Freediving

When I watch videos of William’s dives I’m absolutely amazed by what he’s able to do. And I’m not alone…I first reached out to William after conducting a search on the Internet for the World’s Top Extreme Athletes. He was on that list created by Outside Magazine.

Each time I speak with William or see an interview with him, I’m taken by his calm and relaxed nature. But also by his laser like focus and clear thought. Martin Khodabakhshian (9-Time Emmy Award-winning ESPN producer) directs and produces this fascinating documentary featuring William that truly goes to new depths in the search for man’s physical and mental limits. Follow William as he attempts to break his own world record. Featuring candid interviews with locals who live in fear of the hole, interviews with William’s family members who are in constant fear for his life and stunning underwater footage of William in action, BREATHE (DEEP DIVE) will literally leave you holding your own breath as William takes us on a journey to the depths of mankind’s fascination with the underwater world. You can download it on iTunes by following this link. You’ll be amazed: Download BREATHE (DEEP DIVE) Now

Once again, William is training to go to even greater depths…and set another World Record of at least 102 meters. The dive is scheduled for December 3rd at Dean’s Blue Hole. We’ll all be able to watch William’s World Record attempt live on TVNZ.


And of course if you really wanted to get on Team Trubridge or if you are an avid Freediver…or just know one. Head over to William’s shop at AthleteOriginals.com to pick up some gear featuring his original designs: Shop Vertical Blue Now

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