Clubs & Sports Organizations: Create Your Very Own Online Retail Shop

Athlete Originals was initially created to provide a simple way for any athlete to easily design and launch their original clothing line without the financial investment and work typically required with this type of endeavor while still providing the athlete with complete control and ownership of the creative.

Earlier this past summer, I was talking to a friend of mine, Doug Appleton, about the business when he asked a simple question. He wanted to know, “Could I provide the same service for his youth lacrosse club in California – Firehawks Lacrosse?” I had not thought of the value that the Athlete Originals platform could provide to a club like the Firehawks, but in his role as the president of the club, Doug immediately identified the benefits.

So we decide to have the club create some original designs, then we launched the Firehawks Lacrosse online retail shop in August. The reviews from the club directors and family members have been great. They love that the shop is open 24/7, 365 days a year providing them with access to order whenever it was most convenient for them. They also love the large selection of colors, styles and sizes for men, woman, children and infants. And flat rate shipping …what’s not to love about that.

Based on a successful test with the Firehawks, I decided to extend the same type of service to other youth clubs. Providing clubs with the same resources as the athletes and featuring the clubs along side some of the best and most interesting athletes in the world.

In the first month of extending this service to clubs and organizations, we already have opened shops for a jiu jitsu team in Hawaii, a wresting club in Arizona, and another lacrosse club from New York is currently working on their designs with plans to launch their shop in a couple weeks. And that’s all just on word of mouth.

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Do you know a youth club or sports organization that could benefit from having access to the Athlete Originals platform?

The information below will be helpful and allow you to learn more. I can answer any of your questions about how a club can get started via email or phone. You’ll find that the platform is designed to be as simple and as easy to use as possible.


This short video is primarily for the athletes…but it will help you and any club director understand how it all works!

Key take aways:

-platform is a new solution so that any club can easily design and launch their original apparel line without the financial risk and work typically associated with this type of endeavor while still maintaining full creative control and ownership

-simple platform, easy to use and manage from computer, phone or tablet

-no term contract /commitment from the club. Service can be discontinued at any time

-Club owns and controls the creative / owns the IP (designs)

-no expenses associated with the platform for the club except the initial design fee which you determine based on the club’s budget. NOTE: You can provide your own artwork. If you have pre-existing artwork that you would like to use then you would upload that art, then the only fee associated with the platform is the $99 processing fee to set up the design(s).

-Clubs receive a percentage of all gross sales from their products. No charge backs or expenses taken out. So one more way to raise important funds for your club.

-wholesale pricing is available

-apparel is created in mens, women’s, children and infants styles. Multiple colors and sizes

-we ship internationally

If you have any additional questions or you are interested in getting your club started, please just email us at We’ll have your shop up in running in just a matter of days. Literally..just days. Your club can be featured on the same platform as some of the best and most interesting athletes in the world! Read what the athletes are saying about Athlete Originals: Read What The Athletes Are Saying

Author Description

An entrepreneur and sports businessman from Hawaii, Chris Dey created Athlete Originals, which launched in September 2013. The company embodies his professional life's purpose which is to provide platforms where athletes from around the world can be showcased and celebrated. His career in the sports industry has aligned with this purpose and allowed him to work with some of the world's best and most interesting athletes for more than 25 years.