Athlete Originals – What’s the Big Idea!?

So this will be the first story for the Athlete Originals Journal. Seems to make the most sense that the first post basically says “This is What Athlete Originals Is, How It Started, What We Do and How We Do It…”

Athlete Originals is based on a very simple business thesis. Many athletes, regardless of their sport, have an interest in creating and launching their own clothing line. But yet when they actually begin to look at all of the work and upfront capital typically required for that type of endeavor, they either 1) opt out and never get started or 2) get started and stop because it’s too much work or they’re losing money.

So I felt like if I could create a platform whereby I took over all of the work in the supply chain and mitigated the financial risk, but let the athletes have full creative control and ownership of the designs….so basically letting the athletes only have to worry about the fun stuff like creating the designs and promoting the clothing…well then.. I felt like there would be a pretty interesting business there. ..for the athletes, the fans and me. So that’s what I built and launched in September of last year. Want to watch how it works?

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The platform is designed to be very simple and easy to use for any athlete to create and launch their original clothing line. It all happens very quickly. An athlete can go from an idea to a full clothing line in just a matter of days. We literally launch a new, original clothing line about every 5 days. Athlete Originals started with just a handful of athletes – a few NFL players. Now a year later, Athlete Originals is utilized by nearly 80 athletes from 10 different countries and more than 20 different sports who have created hundreds of their own designs and growing. Here’s a link to view all of the athletes featured in the marketplace: View The Athletes

The marketplace features each athlete’s original designs in multiple colors, styles and sizes sorted for customers into men’s, women’s, youth and infant categories.  Literally, thousands of products to choose from..and the customers seem to be really pleased..“We LOVE our t-shirts.. the quality is excellent.. we didn’t wait for weeks for our shipment.. we are looking to order from this company again..”, you can read more customer reviews here on our Facebook page if you’d like: Read More Athlete Originals Customer Reviews


Looking for a truly unique gift for that sports fan you know? Stop on by the shop when you have time to see some of the most popular designs: Preview The Most Popular Designs Here


I’m glad to answer any questions that you might have if you leave them here in the comments section or email: If you have any ideas on how to improve the business, I’m always open to the next good idea too!

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Author Description

An entrepreneur and sports businessman from Hawaii, Chris Dey created Athlete Originals, which launched in September 2013. The company embodies his professional life's purpose which is to provide platforms where athletes from around the world can be showcased and celebrated. His career in the sports industry has aligned with this purpose and allowed him to work with some of the world's best and most interesting athletes for more than 25 years.